Polar bear bentos


We got our oven door fixed today! Yay! (Hmmm…if you don’t already know, the glass door of our oven went into pieces a month ago. So weird. ) 

It took quite a while… The glass replacement had to be ordered and the repairing service was schedule for this morning, lunch time.

Knowing I couldn’t cook  or use the kitchen properly, I prepared bentos for the whole family, wisely using some “extras” from last night´s dinner ^_^ (thumbs up for leftovers!)


Polar bear bentos

Contents of the boxes (for my girls): lettuce, cucumber slices, mini plum tomato, mini carrots, steamed broccoli, strawberries, red grapes and pork schnitzel. Onigiri polar bear head with nori details, catchup ears and cheeks and a pack of furikake. 


Schnitzel bento for husband

My husband´s bento: plain onigiri, pork schnitzel with tonkatsu sauce, steamed broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, kimchi and moyashi (bean sprouts) aemono (with ponzu sauce, lemon juice and sesame oil dressing).  A juicy strawberry and grapes.

Hah! The onigiri needed to be rearranged so I could close the lid :P.


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Panda tonkatsu bento

October 7, 2010

Panda tonkatsu bento

It has been a while since I made the last bento and posted about it. I don’t know what´s wrong with me but I am seriously lacking inspiration and motivation. Those are huge problems for someone who enjoys creating stuff… well, anyways.

The selection of vegetables and fruits in the markets are getting smaller and poorer the closest we get to Winter. Yes, I know, I should do with what is available.

Planning the bento, I was thinking it should be something easy to make. Fast and without any fancy colors.  *think* *think* *think* … PANDA!  ahahah, pandas are black and white, so no fooling around with colors. Just rice and nori :) . And we love pandas. Oh yes!

Panda tonkatsu bento

I used my new two-tier bento boxes that I got as gifts from a sweet bento friend of mine ( thanks ^_^ ). The idea was to offer half of a mandarin to each of my girls in the fruit container, but when I peeled them I found out they were bad :(. Next time then!

Contents of the shallow boxes: rice, furikake, edamame skewers, tamagoyaki (egg omelet ) and tonkatsu strips. Panda made of rice and nori, eye detail with cheese. Tall boxes have cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot sticks, edamame, apple slices and red grapes.

The apple was given us by my mother-in-law. They came from her neighbor´s garden and were exceptionally sweet. Luonnonvoima ate the most of them and this was the last one…

Panda tonkatsu bento

Pikkusiili didn’t manage to eat the whole meal but Luonnonvoima ate it all and helped her little sister to finnish hers :D.