Bowser & Hot Drumstick

Back to writing with a crafty post!

It is quite funny I know… a chicken drumstick?

Well… all started with a request from my youngest daughter (and I am so lame to say no to them…): “can you make a meat-food to my Bowser toy? You know mommy, Bowser needs to eat, you could make that chicken thingie.”

(little intermission: Pikkusiili got a Bowser plush toy on her birthday. It is one of her favorite plush characters so far and she treats him like a teddy bear >.<. Oh! And you know who’s Bowser, that one from the Super Mario bros video games! )

Took me a while to understand what she wanted exactly. I asked her to draw an example and then I figured out it was a Chicken Drumstick, an item from the DS game Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. I bought the game to myself but eventually my girls ended up playing it more than I (*mimimi*) !


Here´s the screenshot with the item:


So, you can use different types of Drumsticks to restore the health of Bowser during the game. The “spicier” the item, the more it heals :D.

I wasn’t so sure about the size of the Drumstick so I just free styled the pattern and started sewing it right away. Must say, my daughter was very pleased with the result!

Bowser´s Drumstick item

Not bad right?

Eating the Drumstick!

*Showtime!!! Bwahahahaha!*


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Boo Halloween bento

October 28, 2010

Boo Halloween bento

I couldn’t resist to make a Halloween theme bento. I’ve been having so much fun seeing many of my bento friends making them I also decided to give it a go. ^_^

We don’t celebrate Halloween in Finland. At least not officially. The habit came some years ago (maybe because of some “trend”) and it is possible to see some Halloween decorations and costumes being sold at shops.

Anyways, kids asking candies on Oct. 31 is rare. There is an equivalent celebration on the Sunday before Easter, when girls dress like witches and go, door to door, offering their “spell” using decorated flowering shoots of pussy willow. They wish health and prosperity and we shall pay them back with money or candies.

My girls, for some reason, know the existence of Halloween. Every time they see a Jack o´Lantern they inform me it is for the “Haalow weeen” (<trying to write the way they pronounce it ^_^). “And what else we have in Halloween?” “scary things. BOO”

:D. I hope not totally out of the theme, there are “Boos” from the Super Mario game series and Jack o´lanterns.

Boo Halloween bento

Contents of the boxes: rice, tamagoyaki, lettuce, steamed romanesco broccoli with sesame oil dressing, MSG-free small sausages (it supposed to look like a candle..), edamame, grapes, cherry tomatoes and a carrot Jack o´. Boo made from rice, nori and turkey ham.

I was so happy when I found the Romanesco broccoli at the market last time! Very lucky .. the same day we watched the TED video of Mr. Benoit Mandelbrot about fractals, in his homage. (Oh yes, we are nerds)

Boo Halloween bento

Princess Peach Bento

September 14, 2010

Princess Peach Bento

The whole family have been sick for the most of the week. Hubz is a bit better now , I still have this annoying sore throat and girls are recovering.  I was mostly cooking light food and soups but today I decided for something more tasty.

This time I was inspired by my dad. Back in time living with my parents, Saturday was usually the “restaurant-bought food day”. Dad was very nice and he always tried different restaurants and cuisines , bringing a variety of meals for us to try. Last weekend I was so drowsy I wished we would have such “take away” restaurants  here in Finland and I wouldn´t need to cook when sick.

So I particularly remembered this Syrian-Lebanese restaurant and its food. Arab cuisine is enchanting with so many spices and aromas. I really enjoy it and I tried to cook something that would remind those meals I had .

And talking about Middle-East, the bento for the girls features Princess Peach as a playable character as seen in the game Super Mario bros 2 (US version) . For those who are not aware of such “details”, SMB2 is a redesign of a game called ” Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic” . In the original game play, the adventure takes place in a book with an Arabian setting, explaining pretty much the elements we see in the Super Mario bros version.

Princess Peach bento

The bento contents: Mjadra rice (rice with green lentils, cumin and caramelized onions), kibbeh ( bulgur, minced meat and spices “meatball”), plain Turkish yoghurt dip, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, roasted pistachios. Princess Peach made with nori, cheese and turkey ham. “Radish” and Pokey (the green spiky enemy) made of cucumber and nori.

The small box have cherry tomatoes, peach cubes and red grapes.

Update: In case you are wondering, it was indeed a heavy meal for a convalescent. Girls ate the fruits and veggies, “the princess” , the yoghurt but left most of the rice and meat. Though, I am still happy  ^_^