Last year a sweet friend of mine asked me if i could craft a small charm to a little dude she knows that is fanatic for anything octopus. She saw one felt octopus in my Flickr sets and requested if I could create something similar.

I tried to make a little tako (that´s what I call him :), octopus in Japanese) using the crochet amigurumi technique. I think he became really cute ^_^.

And for some extra treats, I also crafted two bunnies (celebrating 2011, the year of the Rabbit) to my friend´s lovely daughter and her best friend. I hope they enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making the little buddies!

Bunny friends and an octopus out of waterIt took a while for these little dudes to arrive to their destination. But I am very glad they finally made it :).

Please check out my friend´s lovely blog too! Chantale writes about the adventures of her sweet daughter as well as darling discoveries in the world of childhood and design. It is pure delight !


Snack bento: it is the bunny year!

Is that so my last obento was the puppy one? It has been ages then!! X)

Today´s bento is a very simple one. No intricate designs or anything like that (boring?). I’ve prepared them quickly for my girls´ snack time, in the afternoon (we call it “välipala” in Finnish).

I still intend to make another bunny bento later, to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit (Hare). But for now, this is the one I made to join the “theme”.  ^_^

Contents of the boxes: lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red grapes, half clementine, dried prunes, usagi ringo (apple bunnies),  homemade pizza “cubes” (with tomato sauce, mozzarella, msg-free ham, onions, pineapple pieces and fresh tomato) and twin rabbits made with cheese and nori details.

I thought it would be too much food for them, but Luonnonvoima ate everything, including the lettuce :). (Mom secretly smiles with delight :D)