Myyrä ( The Mole ) bento

September 7, 2010

Myyrä ( The Mole ) bento

Today´s bento for the girls feature a character that might not be so familiar to everyone. He is called “Myyrä” in Finnish and that means “The Mole”. The original cartoon “Krtek” dates 1956 and is created by Czech animator Zdeněk Miler.

We have some children books and DVDs with this lovely mole and I decided it would be a nice theme for the bento.

The book I took for inspiration is called “Myyrä Puhemiehenä” ( The mole as a matchmaker ), Czech title “Krtek a maminka” (the mole and the mother).

It is somehow a very funny (and almost absurd ) book. The mole helps his friends ( a rabbit couple ) to stop fighting .There is a part in the book that male rabbit is crying because the female one doesn’t want anything with him and he decides he should eat amanita mushrooms ( poison red white dotted mushrooms ).

Soon after the forest celebrates the rabbits´s wedding and female rabbit gets little children. The funniest is they show mother rabbit laying down as small rabbits jumps from a hole in between her legs :D.

Ok, so the contents of the boxes: Multi grain rice, steamed broccoli, pan fried tofu with onions, potato “korokke” (japanese croquettes), raw carrots, grapes and lettuce. The Mole is made of nori, tofu and egg sheet. Flowers in the bouquet are cheese and carrots.

To add.. the croquettes are made today with leftovers from a Shepherd’s pie that remained from yesterday ^_^

Myyrä ( The Mole ) bento


Bento for hubz:  World Of Goo - Chapter 4 - Level 7 - Alice and Bob and the third party

Yesterday night I was talking to hubz about making a bento for him. We were trying to find a nice subject for it (he wanted to be the game “God of War” but I rejected it XD ) and I ended up suggesting the game World of Goo . He smiled and added  “Alice and Bob and the third party” ..

I didn’t remember that chapter ( Chapter 4 – Level 7 ) and I had to check it out before doing the bento..  In the end, it was fun. I should make him bentos more often :P.

Contents of the box: Multi grain rice, steamed broccoli with sesame oil and lemon juice, cooked carrots, pan fried tofu with onions, potato “korokke” (japanese croquettes) , small plum tomatoes and lettuce.

Alice and Bob made of cheese, turkey ham , egg sheet and nori. Blocks made of tofu and egg sheet. Cursor is black sesame seeds and  “Goo” are cooked peas ^_^

Bento for hubz:  World Of Goo - Chapter 4 - Level 7 - Alice and Bob and the third party