Lily of the Valley

♩♫ “Lily, my one and only. I can hardly wait till I see her” ♩♬

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a super weekend! We finally had a relaxing one after so many hectic days… No house showing scheduled at the last moment and no running around like a mad lady getting the house presentable. Uh… yes, you got it right… we are trying to sell our apartment.

It has been very difficult to cook and use my kitchen properly with all this “stand by” mode, so no food for this post, just pictures I snapped on a sunny spring day walk  :).

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis) might be one of my favorite flowers. Its lovely scent in the air makes me sure Spring has arrived. Places were all covered by its leaves… but not much flowers bloomed yet.

“Kielo” (in Finnish) is the national flower of Finland. It is so tiny, so cute, smells so good and it is highly poisonous!  ^__^  So “lily”! *grins*

WeekendGorgeous day wasn’t it? Weekend was so sunny and warm… (we had rain on monday, bleh :P) Luonnonvoima could practice her skills with her brand new kick scooter and Pikkusiili enjoyed to discover the birds at the park nearby.


And we saw a cute mother duck and 10 little ducklings! Oh wow… I asked to my girls “Imagine if mama would have 10 children” … hubs added “you would be mad”. Ahahaha :D

Let’s see if I can still blog something else this week. Maybe a bento or a recipe… I am so needing to relax a bit >.<.

Have a great day friends!



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