The first Spring bento!

Yep, the first Spring bento that I make after a long “bento-break”!  Actually… I can’t even consider we have Spring yet! *lol*

There is still plenty of snow everywhere but surprisingly it is melting relatively fast. Uh, I really hate this time of the year… everything is still so brown, dusty, slushy and all kinds of ugly stuff gets uncovered when the snow goes away. I am totally looking forward to see green, sprouts and flowers :)

Until the time comes, we need to cheer up ourselves with imaginary bunnies and chicks >_< …

The first Spring bento!

Inside the boxes: Lettuce bed with a bunny onigiri (cheeks made of carrot and nose made of sausage), tamagoyaki chick with carrot beak, steamed broccoli, mini plum tomato, spinach with ponzu sauce, nitrate and msg free pan fried hot dogs. Smaller box contains sweet corn, raw carrots, broccoli, red grapes and a clementine.

Note the cute new bunny pick I got! Thanks to a special bento friend ^_^.

The first Spring bento!

How´s the Spring / Autumn where you live? Hope nice!!


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Felt Food: Hot Dog bun

September 8, 2010

Felt food Hot Dog

It has been a while since I crafted the biggest amount of felt food toys for my girls. If I remember well , I made them for Christmas, about two years ago.

My daughters really enjoy playing with them and the toys lasted unbelievably long enough to still “exist” :D.

Anyways, they asked me if I could craft a hot-dog bun, so they could play making “hodari” (the Finnish word for hot-dog) with the sausage I made previously for a breakfast toy set.

Felt food breakfast

I had a few problems developing the bun.. I mean, it is much easier to make a bread first and then sew a sausage that would “fit” in the bread, not the other way round..  and I was trying to make something that reminds them the hot-dog we make here. After some trials, I ended up with this result.

Felt Food Hot Dog deconstructed

Not completely happy about getting the bun, my oldest daughter added “how about the ketchup? And the cucumber relish?”. O_O  I couldn´t think about any other way to craft a relish , so I crocheted it adding beads to depict the mustard seeds and little pieces of cucumber. And you might be asking.. what is that brownish thing together with the ketchup..  it is Finnish mustard. It is brown .. not yellow.

Well.. I think it came out quite acceptable .. what do you think? ^_^

Felt food Hot Dog