Pikachu bento

May 24, 2012

Pikachu bento

Hello everyone!

Coming back and cleaning up the dust (*cough cough* look out for the allergies!) from the blog! I disappeared for a while, yes I know… too much of everything happening at the same time.

But hey! I am here and with a new bento! Wow!!!!

My 6yo had a “Spring celebration” at her pre-school today, lots of outside activities for the kids and parents. Mr Mies joined her and I stayed home to take care of little daughter who was still sick from flu she caught earlier this week from her big sister (ha! complicated stuff! Well hmm, we´ve been sick…). I prepared these bentos for us to eat when they´d get back home. You can notice the portions are quite big, to be shared properly among four not-so-hungry people :).

And… the theme: Pokémon! As for normal children, my girls keep changing what they like every now and then. They had  seasons of adoring Anpanman, Kirby, My Little Pony and lately it is Pokémon… partly my fault this time… I allowed them to play my DS game “Pokémon Diamond Version” and they were introduced to the world of the pocket monsters… (blame me blame me). Their favorite ones at this moment are Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Squirtle.

So Pikachu bento, that is!

Pikachu bento

Contents of the boxes: Round onigiris (rice balls), tamagoyaki, raw carrot sticks, steamed broccoli on a lettuce bed. Nectarine slices, cucumber, green grapes, strawberries and raspberries. Pikachu made with cheese, nori details, carrot cheeks and pepperoni mouth. I also crafted a pokéball sticker to decorate the onigiri wrap ^_^, nice isn’t it?

Pikachu bento

* Gotta Catch ‘Em All!!!*

Pikachu bento

Oops, no ketchup this time! ;)

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Bowser & Hot Drumstick

Back to writing with a crafty post!

It is quite funny I know… a chicken drumstick?

Well… all started with a request from my youngest daughter (and I am so lame to say no to them…): “can you make a meat-food to my Bowser toy? You know mommy, Bowser needs to eat, you could make that chicken thingie.”

(little intermission: Pikkusiili got a Bowser plush toy on her birthday. It is one of her favorite plush characters so far and she treats him like a teddy bear >.<. Oh! And you know who’s Bowser, that one from the Super Mario bros video games! )

Took me a while to understand what she wanted exactly. I asked her to draw an example and then I figured out it was a Chicken Drumstick, an item from the DS game Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. I bought the game to myself but eventually my girls ended up playing it more than I (*mimimi*) !


Here´s the screenshot with the item:


So, you can use different types of Drumsticks to restore the health of Bowser during the game. The “spicier” the item, the more it heals :D.

I wasn’t so sure about the size of the Drumstick so I just free styled the pattern and started sewing it right away. Must say, my daughter was very pleased with the result!

Bowser´s Drumstick item

Not bad right?

Eating the Drumstick!

*Showtime!!! Bwahahahaha!*


This post was written by karaimame exclusively for Acquiring Taste. All writing, images and other materials in this blog remain the property of Acquiring Taste and cannot be used without permission.

Sandwich bento – Pac Man

February 22, 2011

Sometime ago I was invited to make a guest post about obentos for a really nice Brazilian blog/site that I follow. Superziper is maintained by two lovely ladies (Cláudia and Andrea)  and they write about crafts and the wonderful world of handmade in general. The blog is in Portuguese but totally worth for a visit! ^__^


Today I show the bento I made for the post. The bento tutorial pictures are available in one of my flickr sets and can be seen in my guest post for their blog. Please take a look :).

Sandwich bento - Pac-man

Inside the box: a three layer sandwich made with whole wheat bread and rye bread slices, gouda cheese, cream-cheese and turkey ham. Pac-man made of cheddar and processed white cheese. Pink (monster) enemy ghost made of a baguette slice, cream-cheese and turkey ham, white cheese and nori for its eyes. Lettuce, dark grapes, half clementine and cherry tomatoes.

It was a really nice opportunity to introduce the world of bentos there and to show how to make a simple sandwich one. My tutorial pictures look a bit clumsy (and let me say, those who make tutorials I salute you! Wow, they are really time consuming … XD) but I think you can figure out what I did . EH!

I also made a small step-by-step of how to make decorative picks using tape and normal toothpicks. Nothing fancy, you can check up the pictures in the same places I mentioned above.

Decorative picks tutorial

Hope more people will get interested about the lunch box – obento style. For the newcomers: the bento community online is very friendly and supportive, there are really great people you can count on and get inspiration from!

Update:  the same post was also mentioned in Casinha na Árvore and in Portal de Bom Humor (Natura). Thanks ladies!

Grim Fandango bento

November 2, 2010

Grim Fandango bento

As obscure as it sounds, I made this bento today for my hubs inspired by the game “Grim Fandango”.

Mr. Mies bought couple of PC games to me when I came to live with him (far back then). He thought I could spend some time playing classic games as “Sam & Max Hit the Road”, “Day of the Tentacle” and “Grim Fandango”. All from LucasArts´ great graphic adventure games era.

Well.. at that time we had PC laptops and we could actually run those games nicely. We tried to play Grim Fandango CD-Rom with our Macs but it is just impossible. I think it would be awesome if we could.

So.. about this game in particular. Grim Fandango was released on Oct. 30th, 1998 by LucasArts and was created by Tim Schafer. It is an adventure game, taking place in this world called “The Land of the Dead” on November 2nd for four years in a row (same day in four acts). Note that November 2nd is celebrated in Mexico (and other Latin American countries) as the “Day of the Dead” (Día de los Muertos).

Manuel “Manny” Calavera is the main character of the game and we control him through the gameplay. Most of the characters in Grim Fandango are inspired on Mexican calaca figures used to celebrate the Day of the Dead.

I also made another character in this bento, a demon called “Glottis” (the.. orange creature there). I think he is cute (eh?).. Glottis is mainly a mechanic/driver but he also (!*spoiler*!) plays piano and sings very well ^_^.

If you are interested in this kind of old adventure PC games, we (hubs and I) recommend checking this game =).

Contents of the boxes: Japanese potato salad, cherry tomatoes, asparagus and yellow carrots braised in butter and shoyu, grapes, tofu and eggs scramble (under the rice), meatballs, steamed carrots. Manny Calavera made with rice and nori, Glottis made with carrot, cheese and nori.

Yep, I know. Glottis is bigger than shown and Calavera could look better. Maybe I could try again another time ^_^.

Boo Halloween bento

October 28, 2010

Boo Halloween bento

I couldn’t resist to make a Halloween theme bento. I’ve been having so much fun seeing many of my bento friends making them I also decided to give it a go. ^_^

We don’t celebrate Halloween in Finland. At least not officially. The habit came some years ago (maybe because of some “trend”) and it is possible to see some Halloween decorations and costumes being sold at shops.

Anyways, kids asking candies on Oct. 31 is rare. There is an equivalent celebration on the Sunday before Easter, when girls dress like witches and go, door to door, offering their “spell” using decorated flowering shoots of pussy willow. They wish health and prosperity and we shall pay them back with money or candies.

My girls, for some reason, know the existence of Halloween. Every time they see a Jack o´Lantern they inform me it is for the “Haalow weeen” (<trying to write the way they pronounce it ^_^). “And what else we have in Halloween?” “scary things. BOO”

:D. I hope not totally out of the theme, there are “Boos” from the Super Mario game series and Jack o´lanterns.

Boo Halloween bento

Contents of the boxes: rice, tamagoyaki, lettuce, steamed romanesco broccoli with sesame oil dressing, MSG-free small sausages (it supposed to look like a candle..), edamame, grapes, cherry tomatoes and a carrot Jack o´. Boo made from rice, nori and turkey ham.

I was so happy when I found the Romanesco broccoli at the market last time! Very lucky .. the same day we watched the TED video of Mr. Benoit Mandelbrot about fractals, in his homage. (Oh yes, we are nerds)

Boo Halloween bento

Princess Peach Bento

September 14, 2010

Princess Peach Bento

The whole family have been sick for the most of the week. Hubz is a bit better now , I still have this annoying sore throat and girls are recovering.  I was mostly cooking light food and soups but today I decided for something more tasty.

This time I was inspired by my dad. Back in time living with my parents, Saturday was usually the “restaurant-bought food day”. Dad was very nice and he always tried different restaurants and cuisines , bringing a variety of meals for us to try. Last weekend I was so drowsy I wished we would have such “take away” restaurants  here in Finland and I wouldn´t need to cook when sick.

So I particularly remembered this Syrian-Lebanese restaurant and its food. Arab cuisine is enchanting with so many spices and aromas. I really enjoy it and I tried to cook something that would remind those meals I had .

And talking about Middle-East, the bento for the girls features Princess Peach as a playable character as seen in the game Super Mario bros 2 (US version) . For those who are not aware of such “details”, SMB2 is a redesign of a game called ” Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic” . In the original game play, the adventure takes place in a book with an Arabian setting, explaining pretty much the elements we see in the Super Mario bros version.

Princess Peach bento

The bento contents: Mjadra rice (rice with green lentils, cumin and caramelized onions), kibbeh ( bulgur, minced meat and spices “meatball”), plain Turkish yoghurt dip, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, roasted pistachios. Princess Peach made with nori, cheese and turkey ham. “Radish” and Pokey (the green spiky enemy) made of cucumber and nori.

The small box have cherry tomatoes, peach cubes and red grapes.

Update: In case you are wondering, it was indeed a heavy meal for a convalescent. Girls ate the fruits and veggies, “the princess” , the yoghurt but left most of the rice and meat. Though, I am still happy  ^_^

Bento for hubz:  World Of Goo - Chapter 4 - Level 7 - Alice and Bob and the third party

Yesterday night I was talking to hubz about making a bento for him. We were trying to find a nice subject for it (he wanted to be the game “God of War” but I rejected it XD ) and I ended up suggesting the game World of Goo . He smiled and added  “Alice and Bob and the third party” ..

I didn’t remember that chapter ( Chapter 4 – Level 7 ) and I had to check it out before doing the bento..  In the end, it was fun. I should make him bentos more often :P.

Contents of the box: Multi grain rice, steamed broccoli with sesame oil and lemon juice, cooked carrots, pan fried tofu with onions, potato “korokke” (japanese croquettes) , small plum tomatoes and lettuce.

Alice and Bob made of cheese, turkey ham , egg sheet and nori. Blocks made of tofu and egg sheet. Cursor is black sesame seeds and  “Goo” are cooked peas ^_^

Bento for hubz:  World Of Goo - Chapter 4 - Level 7 - Alice and Bob and the third party