2012 Advent Calendar – 2012 Joulukalenteri

November 29, 2012


Hello everyone!

Christmas is around the corner!  And nothing is more exciting than counting down the days for Christmas with an Advent Calendar right?

Keeping the tradition  I crafted a new one this year too, for something unique, special and interesting :). 

Well, at a first glance, it looks complicated and without much resemblance to an Advent Calendar…

The idea started from those socks I made a couple of years ago (to refresh your memory: each day my daughters would find a paper with an image inside the mini socks showing where I placed the small gift-of-the-day). My oldest daughter is a a first grader now and husband suggested I could make some type of riddle for each day, to practice her reading and calculating skills (yea, we are such nerds…).

So how to do that in a sane way? Inventing a game of course! More like a letter puzzle (hangman anyone?).



2012 Advent Calendar – Letter Puzzle game 

  • Each day my girls will receive one envelope (numbered from 1 to 24) containing a card with a question and a letter-sticker. Simple math problems or matching games to practice letters and words. I added couple of “easy” ones for my 5 yo daughter too. 

    “How many (snowflakes)?”



    “Is the image a : skier, skater or runner?”



    “How many syllables are in the word snowman?”



  • Solving the question of the day will show them where to glue the sticker-letter in the puzzle display board. By completing the diagram they will be capable to read the “mysterious sentence” : The present (the Advent Calendar big gift) is hidden at grandpa´s place (written in Finnish conveniently using 24 elements :)



  • We thought that getting a “big” gift instead of little small things each day is as well fun. Besides, a “pre” Christmas present is not that bad (stand the wait for Santa!!)  and everyone can enjoy it together. The gift is a board game to be played on Christmas Eve ^_^. 

  • And! To deliver the envelopes, a Christmas mailbox I crafted using an empty cereal box and red card stock. Awesome isn´t it? The front door is attached with magnets (Oh…  I am so happy with the result!). Maybe my daughters will find some treats there too… who knows? ;)

For now, fingers crossed the girls will enjoy this year´s Advent Calendar. Poor little ones to have such mad mad loony mother … >.<

Happy December friends! 


PS. Isn’t that polka dot fabric tape the cutest? ha!


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11 Responses to “2012 Advent Calendar – 2012 Joulukalenteri”

  1. Heather Says:

    Oh my gosh! You are amazing!! I think you are one of the most creative people I know. Will you adopt me?? Haha!

  2. sherimiya Says:

    Um yes, the polka dot tape is the cutest. And, everything else! What a delightful advent your lucky girls will enjoy! <3 <3 <3

  3. kat Says:

    so cute & creative!

  4. Natakiya Says:

    I love it! That is an incredible idea for an Advent Calendar. The best part is the mailbox which is so cool. I’m in awe of your creativity every year!

  5. jerlene Says:

    You are really creative. I hope to adopt your idea next year. Too late to create one now.

  6. karaimame Says:

    Hmmm, sure! ;) I bet my girls will be delighted to have a big sister!! ^^
    Thank you Heather!

  7. karaimame Says:

    Aw, thanks Sheri! They are now trying with all ways to guess the mysterious sentence ^^!

  8. karaimame Says:

    Thank you Kat!! So nice to see you here :)

  9. karaimame Says:

    Oh Natakiya, you are so sweet! Long time no see you, hope you are fine and your daughter too!
    And guess what? The mailbox was such a hit, they actually want me to make another for their play >.<.
    Thank you!

  10. karaimame Says:

    Thank you Jerlene! Let me know when you make one, I will be delightful to have a look ;)
    Happy December!

  11. This is so amazing! So creative and smart.. I love it!

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