The gingerbread plan that failed

December 21, 2011

Gingerbread - Piparkakku

Oooooh yes, I wanted , I really really did… I wanted this post to be about a gingerbread house. I planned one for this year, made the models on paper… bought the decorations. Everything just ready, needed just to execute it.


Here comes the failure part: I could´t make it. I fell sick (again?!?) after Independence day and had a very very bad week with fever every single day. Gosh… am I frustrated? Totally. You CAN´T , MUSTN’T get ill during December! Not before Christmas… not when you have thousands of things to do…

Oh well, now it is gone. So my time spent sleeping and recovering. Blah. I redefined my priorities and reorganized my to-do list for the time remaining.

Result? No gingerbread house this year ;_;

Baking gingerbread

But hey! One of the tasks from the list was to bake gingerbread with my daughters. It was a priority. I love to see them smiling while dealing with the dough and decorating with icing. Seeing them eating the little sprinkles “to taste all the colors” is just priceless… a must do every year on holidays >.<.


They deserve the fun! And I think it made me feel less bad I couldn’t make a gingerbread project this year ^_^.

Gingerbread man - Pipariukko

For a recipe of traditional Finnish gingerbread, you can try the one I posted last year.


And… talking about gingerbread projects… My Gingerbread Carousel was selected to be featured on ´s Gingerbread Wonderland photo gallery! Thank you Allison for the lovely opportunity :).

This might be my last blog post until after Christmas. We are traveling to my in-laws tomorrow to spend the festive season and I can’t promise I will update the blog while there.

So, Happy Holidays everyone! Stay safe, warm and surrounded by good things :).

See you soon!

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6 Responses to “The gingerbread plan that failed”

  1. Chantale Says:

    Aw, so sweet you did this with your daughters. The cookies turned out great! I can only imagine the cuteness when they had to try all the sprinkles. : ) Hope your health continues to grow stronger during the holidays! And you are able to enjoy it. Good luck with the gingerbread carousel! It’s so awesome how can they not pick it to be featured?!

  2. Yenny Says:

    they look adorable
    happy holidays to you dear
    stay warm :)

  3. sherimiya Says:

    Tasting each different color is a must! I bet they each had a different flavor too, right?
    I think the gingerbread cookies is just as much fun for the girls… it’s wonderful how you make the holidays so memorable for them each year :)
    Hope you reach full recovery very very soon, dear!
    And many congratulations on your fantastic carousel!! I love that one!!

  4. Natakiya Says:

    Those are wonderfully charming Gingerbread cookies! I love how they used hearts and flowers for eyes, so cute. And that they have scarfs and jewelry! You can tell that they had a great time making the cookies with you :) I’m sorry that you were sick this year. I hope that you continue to feel better!

    p.s. Congrats on the Gingerbread Carousel :D It is one of the coolest gingerbread creations I’ve ever seen.

  5. Ah, but a sweet happy world of Gingerpeople was made, and with them a big smile for me tonight!! With Natakiya on the Gingerbread Carosel–awe-inspiring, it was!

  6. karaimame Says:

    Thank you Chantale, Yenny, Sheri, Natakiya and Jenn! You my friends are the dearest ones ^^.
    Hope you all had great Holidays! Happy 2012!

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