2011 Advent Calendar - 2011 Joulukalenteri

December tomorrow!

Tell me what that means… Christmas is coming! Am I stressed? Nah…

This time I decided to take it easier… too much happened during the second half of the year, end of it should be more relaxing… (< did you just giggle there? I mean, I think I saw you smiling at least :)


As I told before, I invented this tradition to make a homemade Advent Calendar every year. After many rejected ideas (the most from my husband I must say :P) I decided for this Christmas Wreath, not as superb as the previous calendars, yet hopefully good enough to celebrate each day of the month and the most important: to get my girls excited about the upcoming holiday :)

I really considered skipping the tradition this year. I changed my mind when the other day, while browsing for ready chocolate-filled Advent Calendars at a shop, I was asked by my daughters if I was going make one for them… “because they still remember how the last year´s was”… *swoon* I melted.

2011 Advent Calendar - 2011 Joulukalenteri

2011 Advent Calendar – Christmas Wreath

Keeping in mind “it must be easy and fun”, this no-frills calendar was quite quick to assemble. I used a silver vine wreath (from a craft shop), “goodies” wrapped with red crêpe paper, wires and embellishments.

Brilliant right?! :D

I diminish the amount of treats they will receive each day considerably. Pretty much into a no-waste/keepsake style, using a 250 pieces puzzle for the filling (and plus! I can keep the wreath afterwards! Yay!). My girls love puzzles (we recently built a 1000 pieces puzzle together) and I thought it will be thrilling for them to build the puzzle during the countdown, not actually knowing what the final image is. Once I used the same idea with small Lego kits (Technic and Star Wars) and the results were quite funny and interesting!

How I made it:

  • Dealing with the treats: after cutting the colored paper into 24 large squares, I put about 10 puzzle pieces in each, wrapping to form a ball, twisting the ends. Note!!! Sharp pieces and crêpe paper are a no-no combo… I totally recommend to use gifts that won’t rip the paper :P. Perhaps a cool option would be to use that sort of metallic plastic wrapping paper, if you have it on hands (I didn’t)
  • Now the hard work. Using a craft wire (0.3mm), which I found to be more controllable than thread, I tied the little packages to the wreath, firmly so they stay on place. Be careful to hide the wire ends when done with the attaching.
  • Finishing it: I decorated with small polka dots jingle bells, sparkling snow flake stickers, ribbons and a red bell. At very last, I added the numbers on each paper-ball.
  • Done!!

I think it will be very easy just to pull apart the little packages from the wreath during the countdown… let´s see! ;)

Happy December friends!

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Helsinki from the bird observation tower

I don´t even know how to start this again…

Let´s see… Has it been 4 months since last post? We are almost in the end of November!! Gosh, this year is definitely going too fast…

Some of you already know we sold our old apartment and moved to a new one in the end of Summer. Moving was a total madness, the place is bigger but feels there´s not enough space for all our stuff… and the furnishing and decor are still half done :P

After a short summer vacation (bothered immensely by our moving) my Luonnonvoima started pre-school. That meant… changes in our daily routine and schedules. Also, no need to make bentos: sadly (or… luckily?) LV gets her meals at her day care place.

Anyways, I want to keep making bentos :)! I might not be offering them so often, but the idea of giving my daughters a fun, nutritious and balanced meal can’t be easily forgotten right? ^^

I planned to make a come back to my blog on October. Unfortunately we fell ill and could only spend time fighting off a nasty cold that seemed to last forever. Cough and sore throat coming and going… husband got really sick, followed by my two daughters and I myself. Argh, more than a month. I still have a sore throat and very low energy, guess I am still recovering from this nightmarish times.

Kärpässieni - Amanita mushroom

But here I am! Christmas is coming… I had some ideas in mind for the traditional crafts I try to do every year… I really hope I can execute them and show to you guys in the next blog posts!


Have a great week friends!

Bird observation tower

PS: The pictures in this post were taken in early September at a park located very near our new home. The park, called “Arboretum”, is a forest research area founded by the Helsinki University, situated very close to the “Old City Bay” (Vanhankaupunginlahti). The whole area is a nature reserve and you can go there for a walk, go biking, watch birds (there are two towers for observation), flora or just relax. It is a really cool place to be in the craziness of the city :).


This post was written by karaimame exclusively for Acquiring Taste. All writing, images and other materials in this blog remain the property of Acquiring Taste and cannot be used without permission.