Little chicks bento

April 18, 2011

Little chicks bento

Wow! Another “monday bento” ! I said “wow” because my mondays are usually so busy I don’t even think about making any bento to the girls…

But this time was special. I promised myself I was going to make an Easter-theme bento this year and I had to hurry to make it today. We will be traveling for the Easter holidays and week will be short… not sure when I’ll be having time, I made an effort to post something today.

My girls went all “aaws” “ooohs” when they saw their meal ^__^! “Pääsiäistipu!!” (Easter chick in Finnish) … Luonnonvoima added also that the girls look like them :)

By the way, to make the chicks I used the same design from a felt magnet I crafted years ago, when my youngest daughter was born.

Little chick magnet

Inside the boxes: romaine lettuce, homemade chicken meatballs braised in yakisoba sauce, tofu with caramelized onions (under the meatballs), steamed asparagus spears (briefly fried with the meatballs), raw baby carrots, pearl tomato, grapes and clementines. Onigiri “chick” made with rice, soy wrap, nori, cooked carrot for the beak and a little ketchup for the cheeks.

That´s it! Have a great week friends!


PS: my Bento Box Toy set is still being auctioned! Please check the eBay page ;)! Happy bidding!



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17 Responses to “Little chicks bento”

  1. ChantaleP Says:

    Oh my.. so adorable x 2!! Oh those cute little faces.. yes, they do look like your little girls! I love how you add picks to best advantage. Your girls didn’t eat these did they? Cuz it’s soo cute!

  2. erinwyso Says:

    adorable! You have a gift for this!

  3. Lia Chen Says:

    Super cute! No wonder your girls were in a big aww … Any room for adoption? LOL I like the color of the soy wrap that you used for this bento. Fabulous Easter-theme bento (^.^)

  4. sheri Says:

    Geeeez, Lil, can this possibly be a Monday bento??
    I was wondering when I could get an idea from you to copy – er – borrow — and here I get a whole bunch! I love the chick rice ball girls and the chicken meatballs in yakisoba sauce. So smart. You don’t mind if I make those tomorrow, right? Hehe :D

  5. Susan Yuen Says:

    Super cute chicks girls!!! The food looks so delish too! :)

  6. Laura Says:

    Hmmm, dá pra ver a primavera chegando aos poucos hein! Tudo mais coloridinho neah! Boa viagem e feliz Páscoa!

  7. karaimame Says:

    oh! They ate!! Can you believe it? 4yo used to cry because of not wanting to destroy the designs… but now she just gobbles up :)
    Thank you Chantale!

  8. karaimame Says:

    Thank you ^_^

  9. karaimame Says:

    Lia, you are always welcome ;)! But I must warn you… girls are going to bother a lot, having a nice “new friend” around ^_^
    Thank you!

  10. karaimame Says:

    I dont mind at all, I will be so happy and curious to see you version! ^_^
    Thank you Sheri dear!

  11. karaimame Says:

    Thank you Susan!

  12. karaimame Says:

    Viu o amarelo-killer da folha de soja? hahaha, só assim mesmo ;)
    Boa Páscoa cêis (tb)

  13. So cheerful and charming, I love your delicate and lighthearted bento style!

  14. Girls in chick costumes…!! Love it, I made something similar, chicks in pig and bear suits :).

  15. karaimame Says:

    Thank you Jenn ! =)

  16. karaimame Says:

    Aw, I saw your chicks! The parade is so cute ^__^.
    Thank you CG!

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