Heart onigiri bento and Bento4Japan

March 16, 2011

Heart onigiri bento

Today´s simple bentos were an attempt to encourage my daughters to eat a bit better. With this flu, their appetite have been quite poor… oldest daughter practically stopped eating since weekend and just drank juices and tea.

I also decided to spend more time with them today (instead of staring the computer for news). Dedicating time to the girls, cuddling them and making these meals affected me positively. I need to get well too so I can be a good mother for them.

Contents of the boxes: “Hinomaru” onigiri with an umeboshi portion (I didn’t have smaller umeboshi), spinach tamagoyaki, chicken meatballs, steamed broccoli, romanesco and cauliflower, carrot flowers, mini plum tomato, orange and grapes.

Although the portions were tiny (the onigiri is quite small), Luonnonvoima left quite a lot untouched. She ate the fruits and the omelet but couldn’t eat all the rice. I think it was enough for now ^^.

I made the onigiri in this shape on purpose. I took the idea from the “Hinomaru bento”, a very simple bento consisted of plain white rice with an umeboshi in the centre.  “Hinomaru” is the Japanese flag.


Heart onigiri bento


My friends in the bento community all over the world have come together to establish a fundraising event for the Japanese quake victims, what we call “Bento4Japan“.

There are auctions in this theme already listed on eBay. All the proceeds go to GlobalGiving’s Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief effort.  Use the search term “Bento4Japan”  to find the auctions for bento boxes, incredible books, accessories and bento kits.

Encourage your friends and family to bid to help raise money! You satisfy your bento shopping and help a good cause at the same time ^_^!


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16 Responses to “Heart onigiri bento and Bento4Japan”

  1. mils Says:

    hinomaru FTW!!!

    Just wait till you see the next version of our #bento4Japan header :)

  2. sheri Says:

    Yay! So happy to see you at bentomaking once again. I can easily see how these would appeal to the little cuties. It’s very traditional, yet satisfying and fun for the girls to eat with their fingers. You’ll see their appetite return soon. I’m so glad the auction is going so well! It’s inspiring; and makes me feel like I’m doing something helpful, although small. Love to you, and wishes for sweet dreams ^_^

  3. Lia Chen Says:

    Hope the flu will go away soon for all of you! Kids always love to be hugged and cuddled when they are sick. I think that is one of the best medicines for them too. You are a good mom, GBU Lily! Love your warm bento and hope more people to participate via Bento4Japan :)

  4. Ohayo Bento Says:

    Those bentos are perfect for everyone to feel better! Hugs for your family!

  5. Sonoma Bento Says:

    Get well soon! Extra hugs for your girls.

  6. ChantaleP Says:

    Double bento beauties. I’m happy to see that your daughter at least ate some of it. I hope they feel and get better soon, the flu is so hard to get rid of. And spending time with them always makes them feel better. I’m so happy bento community is rallying together to help raise funds for Japan. Each of us doing something, no matter how big or small to help out is amazing! Get well soon over there!

  7. Sandy Says:

    yum yum ^^

  8. karaimame Says:

    LOVED IT! Thanks Mils, you are a fabulous lady!

  9. karaimame Says:

    Bentomaking is almost like an addiction. Once you get hooked…
    PS gobbled almost everything (I think she left some romanesco :P), I really hope girls will get totally better in the next days. ^_^
    The auctions and the Bento4japan project are really inspiring. It is very nice to do something… feeling incapable to help is so annoying.,,
    Thanks Sheri!

  10. karaimame Says:

    Hugging and cuddling lots today too! You are right Lia, it is one of the best medicines in the world ^^.
    Thank you for your kind words!
    Let´s hope Bento4Japan gains more supporters out there :)

  11. karaimame Says:

    Thank you dear ! Hugs back (beware of the germs ;) )

  12. karaimame Says:

    Thanks Michelle!

  13. karaimame Says:

    I´ve been so touched by all the happenings it felt I didn’t spend much time with the girls… I think our sickness just got worse.
    Good that everyone is getting better now.
    Thank you so much for the support! *hug*

  14. karaimame Says:

    Thanks Sandy! Merci :)

  15. Susan Yuen Says:

    Beautiful bentos and such a worthy cause! I was glad to hear that your family is doing okay in Japan in your previous post. We continue to pray for them.

  16. karaimame Says:

    Thank you for your kinds words Susan. We keep thinking of Japan too.

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