Amigurumi bear and his taiyaki

March 15, 2011

It has been hard not to think all the time about the tragedy that struck Japan. I´ve been following the news since Friday, glued to the computer screen. I watch the NHK streaming online but my Japanese language skills are limited to understand everything (wishing I could be with my mother and my father, they would help me out with that)

So I kept my streaming on and read @makiwi updates on twitter to know the news. Makiko Itoh is the owner of Just Bento and Just Hungry, an extraordinary person who has been translating non-stop the Japanese news for us. She says doing that helps her to cope with the situation, but I say, her efforts help us in another bigger dimension we wouldn’t be capable to describe and to thank her in any way.

In my previous post, I put some links of where you could donate to help Japan in Finland (Punainen Risti and online donation). Head to Maki´s blog for other ways to donate. Please do it.

My warm thoughts are still for people in Japan. Be brave. It will be a long journey to rebuild the country and heal the deep wounds. We are still thinking of you. Friends, hang in there, know we wish you the best, from our ♥’s.

I´ve been trying to write a post about subjects this blog is about. It doesn’t feel right somehow. It doesn’t feel right to mention we are sick here for almost three weeks in a row (3yo, 5yo and I with flu, fever and cough). It is so small problem, can´t be compared to what´s going on.

I had a long talk with my mother yesterday. Seeing her (via skype) and chatting with her brought peace to my heart. She also reaffirmed our relatives are fine and safe in Japan. She made me see how blessed we are and how we must value the precious things in life, no matter how smallest they might look like.

Quite comforting and cheering up thoughts .

So.. there is one thing I want to share today. It is small. But it cheered me up and brought me a smile.

I got a message on Friday from a friend who lives in Brazil. She wanted to let me know that at least one thing was good amongst that chaotic sad day: a gift I sent her far ago finally reached the destination.

It was a handmade gift, with a story. Last year I sent this friend a package of goodies, including an amigurumi bear. I crafted it thinking about her, a big fan of Japanese sweets.

Anyways, this exact bear never arrived there. My package did… very spoiled. It was a rainy season in Brazil and there were floods here and there. Still, can’t justify the condition the package was delivered her: wet, full of mold, with worms. Sealed in a trash plastic bag. Yes, to cry. I got extremely sad. Some things could be saved but she never found the bear I made her.

I promised myself I would craft a copy of that bear and send it again. It was taking long to hear from her about the mail. I can’t be that unlucky, can I?

Little amigurumi bear and taiyaki

So there he is, the bear. Actually, it is the bear I made the first time. I made pictures of the new one, but I forgot to put memory in my camera when doing so. Yes, laugh, I can be absentminded sometimes too. :/

The new bear was assembled as a keychain. This one, was a mobile charm. I tried to make them exactly the same, so there aren’t much differences from this one in the picture.

I know is silly it enlightened my day.

Little amigurumi bear and taiyaki


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15 Responses to “Amigurumi bear and his taiyaki”

  1. andrea Says:

    Yay, the takiyaki bear is mine, thank you Lilian it is so cute and well made ^_____^ He is living safely and in Brazil now, indeed his arrival was a little happiness in a very dark day.

    And to Gamabarimasu to everybody in Japan. It sways and bends. It does not snap.

  2. andrea Says:

    ops, i mean taiyaki. takiyaki must be a mix of takoyaki and taiyaki :P

  3. ChantaleP Says:

    I’m relieved to hear your family & friends are ok, well. Safe. Disaster is so huge there, I’m so surprised to hear so many are ok. Oh Lily, Finland seems so far away! I’m so happy to see little mister amigurumi bear made it to his new home. You have a heart of gold Lil. I’m lucky to be able to call you a friend. Stay well and please get well soon ladies!

  4. sheri Says:

    The bear and his beloved taiyaki make it to his destination! There is always hope, and it’s what makes us invincible as a society of people. We are interlocked all together and, banded together in our commitment, we’ll see recovery and renewal.
    Thank you for sharing this bit of wonderful heartening news to brighten my day. ^_^

  5. Ohayo Bento Says:

    I’m so glad that your friends and family are all safe! I really love the story of this bear, thank you so much for sharing. You have a wonderful heart. *hugs*

  6. Oh….!!The bear and his Taiyaki looks extremely adorable…! Extra kawaii ;). I am glad that your family and friends in Japan are ok. I hear and read the news about Japan everyday and I always feel so sad…:(.

  7. Lia Chen Says:

    Happy and relief to hear that your friends and family are all safe! God bless them. Love the story on this post! Your are a very kind hearted friend … Hope you will get better soon and hope the girls are doing well too :)

  8. karaimame Says:

    Hi Andrea! I am soooo glad it arrived safely to you. I really got very frustrated and sad with what happened to the other package…

    Yes, let´s keep our faith and keep supporting Japan!

  9. karaimame Says:

    Thank you Chantale for so kind words and support. Weekend was hard, dark days when I thought not even hope could bring any light.
    Super huge hugs back to you and Kiki!

  10. karaimame Says:

    Sheri, I thank you back for so beautiful comment. Together we can be very powerful that´s true.

  11. karaimame Says:

    Heather, *hug back* . Thank you.

  12. karaimame Says:

    Yes… the news make me sad every time too. But let´s keep strong, together we can give support and share good things, maybe even put a smile in someone´s face ^^
    Thanks for your comment CG!

  13. karaimame Says:

    Lia, thank you. Girls are still recovering but I believe soon they are back normal.
    Deliver my big hugs to the kids… and of course, a huge one to you too :)

  14. Susan Yuen Says:

    So adorable!!! I love the little bear, he is too cute!

  15. karaimame Says:

    Thank you Susan!

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