Japan Earthquake

March 12, 2011

My best thoughts and my wishes for strength go out to the people of Japan and other countries that are affected by this disaster.

Family and friends in Japan, stay safe. I am thinking of you and praying you are all well and hope from the heart this chaos will be soon over.

For those wondering, all my family (except dad, mom, sister and lovely niece) live in Japan. Fortunately they are located in places less affected by this tragic disaster. Still, we are all worries.

If you want to help, I suggest you to check the Red Cross organization nearest you (I think it is the most reliable channel to offer your contribution)

To donate in Finland, please check the official Finnish Red Cross site:

Punainen Risti

And to donate online (for Finnish people):

Lahjoita katastrofirahastoon netissä

I have no affiliation with this organization nor do I benefit from any contributions.

But help if you can .

Thank you


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4 Responses to “Japan Earthquake”

  1. ChantaleP Says:

    Lil, thinking of everyone there, friends too. It’s heartbreaking to watch on tv..I hope your friends and family stay safe.. xo

  2. sheri Says:

    So happy to hear your family is safe. Worrying and heartbroken along with you for all the victims and their families. May it improve quickly for all.

  3. karaimame Says:

    Chantale, this tragic events are really heartbreaking. Thanks for your supportive comment.

  4. karaimame Says:

    Yes, let’s keep thinking positive and sending our good thoughts all the way there.
    Thanks Sheri, happy to hear your family and friends are ok too

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