Hinamatsuri bento – Girls´ Day bento

March 3, 2011

Hinamatsuri bento

It is bizarre but it seems I always have trouble during this time of the year. I still remember the 2010 Hinamatsuri day… we were going through a very delicate situation here and I was so uninspired I tried hard to make an effort and come up with a Girls´day bento (ah, yea, forgive me the terrible picture everything) to my little ones.

After all, they ALWAYS deserve a celebration ^__^ !  My girls are usually the main reason I actually do something instead of complaining all the time :P.

Explaining the Hinamatsuri: it is held on every 3rd of March in Japan. Originally it is the “Doll Festival” (hina is doll) but it is also called “Girls´Day”.

The doll set displayed during the event represents the Japanese Imperial House and there are very traditional food to be served in this particular day too (I have none here. Wish I could get some arare.. :P).

Inside the boxes: lettuce, mini plum tomatoes, mini carrots, steamed carrots, edamame, spinach tamagoyaki, grapes, cucumber slices, apple wedges. “Emperor and empress” mini onigiris made with mixed cereal rice, spinach and paprika soy wraps. Details with nori, cucumber and carrot. I had a turkey ham flower that I forgot to put in the bento …

Hinamatsuri bento

The greeting card you see in the pictures was sent by a precious friend of mine. Written behind, she wishes health, success and prosperity to my little ones. I wish the same to all girls out there too! Happy Girls´Day!


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20 Responses to “Hinamatsuri bento – Girls´ Day bento”

  1. Lia Chen Says:

    The emperor and the emperess decorated so well. They are super cute! Spinach and paprika soy wraps are very interesting. Never seen those here. Keep thinking positive and hope your daughter will get better soon :)

  2. ChantaleP Says:

    Happy Girl’s Day to you and the girls! This is beyond beautiful Lily! Wow wow, so much details.. Yes, your girls really do deserve something as good as this and they are so very lucky to have such a fantastic Mama like you. Hope you all stay well and healthy. xo

  3. Such a cheerful, spirited Girl’s Day bento! As always, your artistic details and warm wit are a delight. Best wishes for the happiness and wellbeing of your girls!!

  4. Love the rice figures…! I have always wanted to make something like this, probably one day I should give it a try.

  5. mils Says:

    I love it! So cute! I thought the soy wrappers were carrots and cucumber..hehehe

    Happy Hinamatsuri!

  6. sheri Says:

    Wows!! Love the gorgeous girls, and the super cool card!! Really you’ve done up Girl’s Day so so beautifully! Makes me feel like I should try harder next year…. Thank you for inspiring me. Happy Hinamatsuri to you and the sweeties. Big hugs from auntie sheri! :D

  7. Susan Yuen Says:

    You are amazing! I love the dolls- they are so perfect! Happy Girls Day. :)

  8. LovelyBento Says:

    The “Emperor and empress” mini onigiris are so lovely!! I think if it’s for me, I will display it and dont want to eat them hahahah such a great bento!! oh I noticed the apple wedges, there’s a flower shape on it? how did u do that?

  9. karaimame Says:

    Ah.. those soy wraps I bought recently to make temakizushi and I wanted to try them in the girls´ bento. Somehow they taste a bit sweet but I liked the colors a lot :). Thank you for your kind words Lia, PS is feeling better today ;).

  10. karaimame Says:

    Hope you had a great day friend! Mine was pretty much caring for the little one. Gladly she is better today ^_^.
    Thank you Chantale!

  11. karaimame Says:

    Your comments are always so pleasing to read! It feels really good :).
    Thank you Jenn, all the best back to you too (besides, we are big girls aren’t we ^_^)

  12. karaimame Says:

    Thanks CG! Oh… can´t wait to see what you’ll come up to. ^^

  13. karaimame Says:

    :D would be nice to use cucumber but it releases too much liquid… ;). Thanks Mils and happy Hinamatsuri back ^^!

  14. karaimame Says:

    Girls said “thanks” (ahaha, in english with accent! seriously, these girls crack me up). Big smooches back to dear auntie!
    Aw Sheri, I am very glad you liked this bento ;), thanks a lot for the sweet comment!

  15. karaimame Says:

    Hope you had a great day with Paige too! Thank you Susan ^_^.

  16. karaimame Says:

    Oh, to make the decorations for the apple wedges I used a flower shaped cutter and pressed it on the apple skin, enough to “cut” the surface. Then I used a small knife to peel the flower off :).
    Thanks for the lovely comment!

  17. LovelyBento Says:

    ohhhhh ic smart idea :) Thx for sharing. Let me try one day and hope it wont break the apple hahaa

  18. karaimame Says:

    Let me know when you try ^_^!

  19. Mel Says:

    These are amazing…I have really enjoyed looking through your blog :)

  20. karaimame Says:

    Oh! I am really glad to know you enjoyed my blog ^_^, thank you Mel!

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