Sandwich bento – Pac Man

February 22, 2011

Sometime ago I was invited to make a guest post about obentos for a really nice Brazilian blog/site that I follow. Superziper is maintained by two lovely ladies (Cláudia and Andrea)  and they write about crafts and the wonderful world of handmade in general. The blog is in Portuguese but totally worth for a visit! ^__^


Today I show the bento I made for the post. The bento tutorial pictures are available in one of my flickr sets and can be seen in my guest post for their blog. Please take a look :).

Sandwich bento - Pac-man

Inside the box: a three layer sandwich made with whole wheat bread and rye bread slices, gouda cheese, cream-cheese and turkey ham. Pac-man made of cheddar and processed white cheese. Pink (monster) enemy ghost made of a baguette slice, cream-cheese and turkey ham, white cheese and nori for its eyes. Lettuce, dark grapes, half clementine and cherry tomatoes.

It was a really nice opportunity to introduce the world of bentos there and to show how to make a simple sandwich one. My tutorial pictures look a bit clumsy (and let me say, those who make tutorials I salute you! Wow, they are really time consuming … XD) but I think you can figure out what I did . EH!

I also made a small step-by-step of how to make decorative picks using tape and normal toothpicks. Nothing fancy, you can check up the pictures in the same places I mentioned above.

Decorative picks tutorial

Hope more people will get interested about the lunch box – obento style. For the newcomers: the bento community online is very friendly and supportive, there are really great people you can count on and get inspiration from!

Update:  the same post was also mentioned in Casinha na Árvore and in Portal de Bom Humor (Natura). Thanks ladies!


16 Responses to “Sandwich bento – Pac Man”

  1. Lia Chen Says:

    Aww that is one great and cute guest post! You are the famous bento mama from Finland that I know. Always so creative! You are right about making pictorial. I wish I have an assistant to take the picture while I’m doing that. You can imagine all my weird positions to take the picture with one hand or use timer because I don’t have cable release for my camera LOL :D

  2. Akemi Says:

    Parabéns, Lily-chan pelo post! Ficou ótimo o PAP e realmente não é fácil ficar tirar fotos de todas as etapas, penso como vc e tiro o chapéu a todas as blogueiras que se dispõe a fazer isso!
    Esse joguinho eu lembro que meu irmão era fanático quando ganhou o atari! Bons e velhos anos 80! Suspiro!!!

  3. sheri Says:

    Eeps! Love the Pac man and ghostie! Grats on the guest post too. Anyone checks your blog they can’t help but be hooked on bento & crafts. So inspiring!

  4. Adorei! Que fofos!

  5. Pacman was my favourite computer game when I was still in primary school…:D)!! This bento really brings back some cute memories…!

  6. Ohayo Bento Says:

    I like the ghost! The eyes are so funny. Congrats on the guest post!!

  7. karaimame Says:

    oh wow Lia, thanks a lot! ^_^ When I created the blog I wasn’t aiming any big exposure… ( I prefer to put a brown bag on my face) :D.
    Yea… totally agree with you about the pictorial. I was delaying making one because I wanted hubs to help me to take pictures. Since he is always so busy I decided I could make it by myself… @_@. The girls came to kitchen while I was doing some very weird position and they asked “WHAT ARE YOU DOING MOM?” *LOL*

  8. karaimame Says:

    Akemi-chan , obrigada! Ahahah, nem fale do PAP. Eu nunca havia feito um, valeu pela experiência. Aprendi algumas coisas e ainda pretendo aprender ;).
    O joguinho é clássico né! Até as minhas meninas sabem do que se trata… >_< !

  9. karaimame Says:

    Sheri, thanks… I think I wouldnt have created my blog without being inspired by you and your work! ;)

  10. karaimame Says:

    Obrigada ^_^!

  11. karaimame Says:

    So nice to hear the bento brought you good memories! Food + good memories = thumbs up right? ^__^
    Thank you for the lovely comment!

  12. karaimame Says:

    Yep, googling eyes :P.
    Thanks Heather! ^_^

  13. andrea Says:

    It was our pleasure to have you. Happy obento to all of us ^____^ Itadakimasu

  14. ChantaleP Says:

    That is so cool! Haha, I love Pacman! Oh man, brings back so many memories.. Ooh wait, did i just give my age away?? lol. Super coolio awesome L!

  15. karaimame Says:

    =) Thanks Andrea, again! Happy bento-ing ;)

  16. karaimame Says:

    *sshhh* no you didn´t! My girls also know what Pac-man is about :P. Thanks for your sweet comment Chantale!

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