Gingerbread Carousel

December 15, 2010

Gingerbread Carousel

Couple of years ago when Pikkusiili was still a baby I went out with the girls to check the Christmas decorations on the streets. Walking here and there downtown in that cold night, we ended up going to a shopping mall nearby. The plaza in front of it had Christmas activites for children and for my surprise, there was a mini amusement park too.

My girls were totally amazed by the train ride and the big carousel! Oh gosh, it was dark and snowing… the sparkling lights and the music attracted them for good. ^_^

Since then, girls have nice memories about the carousel. They really like this ride… the amusement park in Helsinki is open just in Summer (besides some exceptions) so I thought it would be nice to deliver them a piece of that good moment in Christmas too.

I planned the gingerbread project using paper craft art inspiration. I used this and this as models and refreshed my rusty geometry knowledge to make the project.

Gingerbread Carousel

I didn’t have cookie cutters for the horses and the pandas so I had to improvise by drawing them myself and cutting one by one on the gingerbread dough with a knife. The elephant is made with an onigiri mold (ahaha, smart right? ^_^)

Gingerbread Carousel

As I was lazy to buy black food coloring for the icing for the animals, I used pieces of licorice to decorate the pandas and different sprinkles for the rest.

Gingerbread Carousel

(now, between you and me) That roof was terrible to assemble! :D Where was my head when I decided to make it in “two” levels! … ugh, sometimes I get annoyed with my ideas… Well, anyways, after two days waiting for the icing to set, I managed to build something decent enough not to fall apart XD.

Gingerbread Carousel

A while ago when I was browsing a Finnish cooking magazine, I stumbled across a margarine brand advertise featuring exactly a gingerbread carousel. I was a bit upset for a moment and went to check their Christmas campaign in the margarine website. After all my work I found out they provide all the patterns for the gingerbread models for people to copy and make them at home…. check here (heavy flash site).

After that… I had doubts if I should carry on with my own project……

I am glad I did ^_^.


Update on 21.12.2010 : This week I managed to go out with the girls  and the Carousel was back downtown :)

So here, what inspired us:

Christmas Carousel

And before you mention, I´ve noticed my horses go to wrong direction :/. Eh… I should have been more careful :P.


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and here:

Thanks ladies! ^_^

Happy holidays!


29 Responses to “Gingerbread Carousel”

  1. sheri Says:

    How you manage to top yourself every year I don’t know. But if I am this thrilled over your project I bet the girls are beside themselves with excitement!! I would stare at this beautiful creation all day. So lovely, Lily. You should be extremely pleased with the outcome!!!

  2. Kelly Winston Says:

    OMG i feel so fat just from looking at that cake!

    Sweet gingerbread carousel babe!!

    Ciao Bella

    <3 Kelly

  3. Sari Says:

    Oh!!! It is awesome! How great job!!!!! I like your carousel more than original flora site one. You girls must be really happy…

  4. ChantaleP Says:

    This is the MOST incredible, awesome, beautiful and gorgeous gingerbreak carousel I have ever seen! You are crazy lady!! Not only would I not eat this masterpiece, but I’d shellack the whole thing and preserve it, it’s like art. You are one incredible artist!

  5. Heather Says:

    I’m glad you did too, it’s beautiful!!! Wow, I am so impressed! I love the onigiri mold elephant! :)

  6. Sonoma Bento Says:

    INCREDIBLE! How did you end up with so much talent? Sewing, bentos, elaborate gingerbread houses, amazing advnt calendars?! You rule! :)

  7. Nichola Says:

    Wow!!! That’s amazing!! Is it all edible? I thought you could eat the whole thing but then I saw some where the gingerbread is stuck onto paper – I want to make one but only if you can eat it!

  8. Lia Chen Says:

    Tho thumbs up and a lot of OMG screams from here LOL :D You are so talented and have a lot of patience to do this gingerbread carousel. If I have this, I think I won’t be able to eat it. It’s too precious, I might put a glass box to protect it :D

  9. karaimame Says:

    Girls´eyes just sparkled when they saw me constructing and decorating the last parts. Those happy faces really paid all the trouble ^_^.
    Thank you Sheri for being always so supportive and for writing such beautiful words every time :)

  10. karaimame Says:

    Thank you Kelly!

  11. karaimame Says:

    Sari, arigatou! Yes.. the girls got very happy! My youngest daughter doesn´t want to eat it yet ^_^.

  12. karaimame Says:

    Chantale dear.. talk about craziness… sometimes I get super mad at myself when I have such “ideas” :P.
    Gladly it went well this time!
    Thanks for your kind comment, your encouragement is really important to me :).

  13. karaimame Says:

    Bento accessories are good because they are interchangeable with sugar craft too ^_^.
    Thanks Heather for your sweet comment :).

  14. karaimame Says:

    hmm… I don’t know ^_^. But it feels good you think so =). Thank you Michelle!

  15. karaimame Says:

    Hi Nichola! Yep.. everything is edible except the “poles” that attaches the animals. They are drinking straws because I couldn’t find candy canes for the purpose. ^_^
    You should totally make one! Begin with a house.. they are so fun to make =)!

  16. karaimame Says:

    =) Lia, thank you so much for your lovely comment! Talking about eating it… it is surely a sugar overdose! I think we will need to eat it a piece at the time :P.
    Would be so nice to keep it… but food is meant to be eaten right? (<great excuse ever XD)
    Send my beloved thanks to your kids too! ;)

  17. Natakiya Says:

    Again, you astound me with your ability not only to conceive of a project like this one, but also the ability to finish it up so beautifully! This carousel is a work of art!!

    Seeing that the Margarine company had plans for one after all that work would make me frustrated too! But yours is so much better than theirs, especially the panda and the elephant. I love the elephant!!! He’s so completely adorable.

    Your daughters are so lucky to have such an amazing mother! :D

  18. honey Says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! I am so embarrassed that I have a kit on my counter to make a train, ick! but I did win it at a Christmas performance and my son is itching to make it. Now I am thinking I would like to try something more beautiful. Perhaps a birdhouse…. Yes, my children can do the train and I will make a birdhouse. =) Thank you so much for inspiring me once again.

  19. Akemi Says:

    Lily-chan, realmente vc é incrível! Nessa época o que mais vemos são os gingerbread man ou as famosas casinhas, acho que nunca ninguém havia pensado em carrossel! Ficou lindo, adorei todos os detalhes, estou aqui apenas admirando seu trabalho!!! Parabéns! Boas festas para vcs tbm! Bjsss

  20. Just magical. This evokes winter wonder, childhood and pure delight!
    Beautifully done…

  21. karaimame Says:

    I am very happy to know you liked my animals :). I always need to include pandas… no matter what the thing is about ^_^. And the elephant.. just couldn’t resist…
    Thank you so much for your kind words!
    Happy holidays :).

  22. karaimame Says:

    Oh please, don´t be embarrassed! The ready kits are also fun to construct! I really hope your kids had a great time making the train ^_^ (and you making the birdhouse !).
    Thank you and happy holidays!

  23. karaimame Says:

    Ai Akemi-chan… eu que fico admirando seu bolos… uma lindeza e delícia atrás da outra. Como gostaria de ter mao para ser boleira ^_^.
    Querida, obrigada pelo comentário.. e pelo seu sempre apoio aqui no blog!
    Um beijo enorme e tudo de bom neste fim de ano =).

  24. karaimame Says:

    Your words are so beautiful… Thank you Jenn!

  25. pinea Says:

    And your inspiration, are you saying there’s a Christmas carousel in Helsinki? This is new! My hometown is changing… (which is good ;) )
    Hyvää joulua sinulle ja perheellesi, Karaimame!

  26. karaimame Says:

    Kiitos pinea, hyvää joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta teillekin! ^_^
    The carousel ride was arranged by that Kamppi mall. They had a joulutori on the Narikka aukio this year :), my girls just loved the children activities!

  27. Paty Says:


    Feliz 2011 mãos de fadinha!


  28. karaimame Says:

    Oie Paty! Obrigada pelo comentário fofo!! Para você também um lindo 2011 ;)

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