Savory pancakes & #twitterfoodparty

November 29, 2010

Savory pancake & #twitterfoodparty

Hello there! Monday is usually a terribly busy day for me… and now that we are coming closer and closer to the holidays and end of the year festivities, mondays just seem to get worse. I am trying to gather myself and use all my time as much wiser as it is possible.

But hey! Today is the last monday of November :). For those who follow me on twitter, you might know that the last monday of  each month is dedicated to what we call #twitterfoodparty. The concept is very simple, we discuss and decide a theme/ingredient/type of food to be made on this monday in particular and then, we tweet a picture about what we’d made or ate. Simple!

I couldn’t participate in the last twitterfoodparty special edition (theme was sushi) but I will collaborate to this one… The theme is Pancake! =)

To catch all the delicious dishes coming up and what my twitter-friends are posting, look for hashtags like #twitterfoodparty and #twitterpancakeparty. It is fun, join us! ^_^

Because of not writing any recipe today, I will consider this post as my food memo :).

Meat savory pancakes & #twitterfoodparty

I´ve made these pancakes using a Brazilian recipe. Savory pancakes are very common there, you can fill them with whatever you wish and bake them using any sauce on top. Common fillings are pulled cooked chicken, ham and cheese, mushrooms, shrimps and meat. Sauces varies from white sauce to tomato sauce or bolognese.

It is similar to French “crêpe”, a liquid batter made from flour, eggs, milk and salt, fried to a thin layer on a pan with butter.  I added a bit of grated parmesan cheese in my batter because I knew I was going to use it for a savory filling. Otherwise, you can also fill the pancakes with sweet toppings, for dessert or breakfast.

My pancakes are filled with minced meat (pre-cooked with onion and spices) and topped with béchamel sauce and grated cheese. Then, just baked in the oven until golden and bubbling. :)

I served with green beans salad and tomato vinaigrette (made with cherry tomatoes, onion, raspberry balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and olive oil).

Have a great #twitterfoodparty day!


10 Responses to “Savory pancakes & #twitterfoodparty”

  1. sheri Says:

    Ohh, nice! Like a crepe rolled and covered and baked in cheese like enchilada! Looks delicious! Thanks for playing #twitterpancakeparty!

  2. ChantaleP Says:

    Yum yum yum!! But this portion is really too small for me. lol! Add more to my plate please.. I must try this. I always miss these twitter food parties.. I’m hoping to catch the next one!

  3. Akemi Says:

    Twittar ainda é algo fora do meu mundo ainda mas adorei a idéia de ter uma sugestão do que cozinhar todas as segundas feiras depois do festival de comidas e tranqueiras que comemos nos finais de semana! Panquecas de carne em casa semrpre foram com molho de tomate, por que nunca pensei em colocar bechamel??? Mais uma ótima dica que vc nos trouxe!!!
    Concordo com a Chantale, esse prato tbm está muito pequeno, poderia repetir umas 3 vezes essa porção! ;p
    Uma dúvida, qual a origem do seu nickname??? Xereta eu ne? rss
    Bjss e uma inda semana para vcs!

  4. Sonoma Bento Says:

    Dang, this is making me super hungry. I think I will have to break into my crepe bento now. And I LOVE the vibrant veggies on the side.

  5. Lia Chen Says:

    I am with Chantale. I need two more to fit into my portion hahaha … :D Awesome and delicious pancakes! Learn a lot of new yummy foods from you :)

  6. karaimame Says:

    Yes, exactly! It resembles a bit of Italian cannelloni. Heavy stuff but good in this chilling weather ;)
    Thanks Sheri!

  7. karaimame Says:

    :D Oh Chantale, don´t worry, I cut the pancakes in the middle just for the photos! The portion wasn´t that small ^_^.
    It will be great to have you in the next twitter food party! But it is supposed to be fun, so no pressures!
    Thanks for your sweet comment!

  8. karaimame Says:

    Pois é Akemi-chan… eu também só fazia panqueca de carne com molho de tomate :). Mas ontem estava tao frio aqui e eu.. CabeçaGorda, queria um molhinho mais consistente.. com queijo… ahahah, o que a minha pança nao me obriga a fazer né!
    Entao… se você refogar a carne moída com tomates picados e usar o molho branco, fica praticamente o gosto de uma lasanha. nham nham!
    Beijoo querida!
    (depois te mando um email explicando o nick ^_^)

  9. karaimame Says:

    I loved your crepe bento!! It looked so fresh!
    Thanks for the sweet comment! :)

  10. karaimame Says:

    Lia :), I put a small portion just to look neat for the picture ^_^. ehehhe
    Thanks for your kind comment!

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