Puppy bento

November 25, 2010

Puppy bento

When I was a child I loved to eat fried minced meat on japanese rice. I could eat tons of it. Another combo that I enjoyed was Japanese rice, Brazilian cooked beans and fried minced meat on top. ^_^   So good!

Today´s bento features fried minced meat. Not exactly a meat “soboro”, but quite close. Hubs said that it was almost the filling of “lihapiirakka” (a sort of Finnish meat doughnut) that he loves =). Lihapiirakka looks like a rissole but the pastry is made of bread dough, deep fried. Insides, a mixture of cooked porridge rice and fried minced meat with spices.

Hmm, “mmmkay” … should I get back to the subject :P..?

Contents of the boxes: fried minced meat with spices, on top of  cooked rice with mixed grains, cucumbers, pan fried tofu cubes with sesame seeds, turkey roll with steamed green beans, cherry tomato, carrots, lettuce and green apple slices. Little puppy made with cheese, nori and steamed carrot.

Girls liked the dog´s “bone” but they commented on the fact it was “fake” :D ahahahha. They pulled it out from the “ground” and added “hey mom, this is wrong, there´s no other edge! This is NOT a bone!” . All that remained me to say was “oh, SO sorry!” ^_^

Puppy bento


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  1. Cute! (@Uiteendoosje)

  2. Lia Chen Says:

    Aww so cute! Little puppy … You are so good with cute animal character! Now please teach me how to say it in Finnish ☺ Love how you use your food picks too! Can’t fool the girls though hahaha … I love to cook fried pork minced meet mixed with diced carrot and potato, seasoned with sweet soy sauce-salt-pepper-garlic powder. Add bird’s eye chili for my portion. Nice with hot rice, noodle/pasta :)

  3. Akemi Says:

    Ahhh crianças, quem consegue enganá-las! rsss Mas eu achei o osso o “cúmulo” da “kawaiisse”! Vc pensa em pequenos detalhes que fazem o bentô ter uma apresentação linda! Eu tbm adorava comer arroz com carne moída refogada, não precisava de mais nada mesmo! Infelizmente maridex não é muito fã de carne moída apenas refogada, acho que falta a mastigação de carne! rsss

  4. Penny Says:

    Adorable. Do you use stencils, or do you cut them “freehand”?

    I accidentally stepped on one of my two bento boxes, and the lid cracked today, incidentally while trying to avoid stepping on my stepfather’s tiny little dog at home (she’s smaller than my cat).

    I called through a lot of stores in Helsinki, but none of them has bento boxes as far as I’ve noticed. Blippo in Kamppi might have them, but sadly, I couldn’t get hold of them, and don’t have the time for actually going there to check the store out.

    So I ended up ordering two brand new bento boxes from Japan, with some bento apparel (thankfully, the prices at jbox.com are in USD, since the exchange rate from euros makes it cheaper to mail order than I realised, but I may have to pay taxes for them at pickup).

    I thought that since you’re into bentoing and in my area, would you have noticed bento boxes or kits for sale in Helsinki or elsewhere in Finland?

  5. Mils Says:

    Awesome!! Love soboro type meat; so yums and simple with rice…hehe the girls expects more from you 

    Hey, isnt piiraaka= pie?

  6. sheri Says:

    Wow, so cute and creative the puppy digging for bone in the dirt! Will have to borrow this idea :)

  7. karaimame Says:

    Thanks Samantha! ^_^

  8. karaimame Says:

    Lia, puppy in Finnish is “koiranpentu” ^_^. And yea… those girls crack me up, so smart :P.
    I want to definitely try your minced meat recipe, sounds delicious! Do you cut the potato very small too? Oh yums, might be fabulous!
    Thanks =)

  9. karaimame Says:

    Akemi-chan, obrigada! “kawaiisse” é um termo novo no meu vocabulário ^_^, acho que você também é o cúmulo da kawaiisse em todos os sentidos!
    Ahaha, dei risada do fato do marido precisar de “sustança” na mastigaçao! Sabe… a gente usa muito carne moída porque os outros cortes sao terrivelmente caros por aqui…
    Beijao querida!

  10. karaimame Says:

    Hi Penny! I usually draw a sketch of the character on paper and then, cut cheese with a toothpick based on what I drew.

    About the bento boxes. Hmm.. i don’t know about Blippo nowadays, but many years ago when I was searching for the bento gear, they didn’t have much of anything. Some plastic boxes with very poor leaking proof lids only. Once I saw a San-X 2-tier bento box in their online shop and that was it.

    If you are lucky, maybe it won’t be necessary to clear up your goodies from J-box in customs, specially if it is a small package. Take the receipts with you where they can see the detailed list of stuff you are importing if being called up.

    And the bento gear in Finland in general… very difficult to find anything. I know an online shop situated in Seinäjoki that carries only Shinzi Katoh goodies. Prices are a bit high maybe because importing taxes are paid already. Here http://bit.ly/f1HDBS . I never bought from them, so I can’t tell anything about the service ^_^.

    Thanks for commenting!

  11. karaimame Says:

    :D! Yea… you are right, they do! Tricky little girls ^_^
    Oh… piirakka is pie, you are correct. The direct translation for lihapiirakka would be “meat pie” but it really looks more a rissole/doughnut =).
    Thanks Mils for passing by! :)

  12. karaimame Says:

    whoah! That would be an honor!! ^_^ So excited to see how your bento comes up !
    Thanks Sheri ^_^

  13. ChantaleP Says:

    That is so adorable! Twin puppies are so cute. I love love minced meat with rice too.. ooh with brazilian beans. Well, when I was a kid and my dad made feijoada for us to eat for a month.. yeah, I didn’t like it after a week. haha! But that combo.. total yum! Excellent lunch!

  14. karaimame Says:

    Ahaaha, I didn’t like after a week too :P. But always good fresh! Omg, how I miss it…
    Gladly everyday cooked beans weren´t that heavy as feijoada ^_^.
    Thanks Chantale for the sweet comment!

  15. Penny Says:

    Thank you!

    My order’s total was ~$103 (~€75) with shipping, and I think the sum total value of a package’s contents should, at maximum, be €45, to get it through without having to pay taxes… I had to pay the VAT for my Christmas present a couple of years ago, despite the fact that the iPod was engraved with “To my , for our first Christmas” on it… Officials can sometimes seem a little inflexible.

    If those costs are my dues, I’ll pay for them. It won’t bust my budget. I hope…

    I’m grateful for your advice on cutting, and it’s going to end up being tested and potentially put to good use eventually.

    I’ve got furikake stencils in my order from J-list as well, so my spouse can get pretty patterns in his bento, despite me trying to avoid “excessive cute”. A 32 year old engineer may not be quite as happy with a puppy bento as his wife or children would be… However maybe Mr Mies thinks that’s exactly the thing for him? ;)

  16. karaimame Says:

    I prefer to make more traditional bentos to Mr.mies :D. However, sometimes it is nice to make something fun for him too ;).

    Customs are a bit weird. There were times I needed to declare stuff, even though the packages were gifts to me…

    Hope you will get your goodies soon! ^_^

  17. This is amazing! Adorable details and wonderful flavors…an inspired bento!

  18. Lia Chen Says:

    Yes, cut the carrot and potato like a tiny dice. I love to stuff it for onigiri too ;)

  19. Laura Says:

    Eeeee! Quer alguma coisa do Burajiru de Nataru??


  20. karaimame Says:

    ^_^ thanks Jenn!

  21. Susan Yuen Says:

    The puppies are so sweet! I love them and the minced meat looks delicious! I love soboro it would be great to try your version. Yum!

  22. Token Says:

    What a great bento-site! I’m happy I found it! Keep up your great job and happy new Year! ^_^b

  23. karaimame Says:

    Hi there! Thank you! ^_^
    Happy New Year to you too!

  24. karaimame Says:

    Thanks Susan! Sorry for the late reply… :/.

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