Panda tonkatsu bento

October 7, 2010

Panda tonkatsu bento

It has been a while since I made the last bento and posted about it. I don’t know what´s wrong with me but I am seriously lacking inspiration and motivation. Those are huge problems for someone who enjoys creating stuff… well, anyways.

The selection of vegetables and fruits in the markets are getting smaller and poorer the closest we get to Winter. Yes, I know, I should do with what is available.

Planning the bento, I was thinking it should be something easy to make. Fast and without any fancy colors.  *think* *think* *think* … PANDA!  ahahah, pandas are black and white, so no fooling around with colors. Just rice and nori :) . And we love pandas. Oh yes!

Panda tonkatsu bento

I used my new two-tier bento boxes that I got as gifts from a sweet bento friend of mine ( thanks ^_^ ). The idea was to offer half of a mandarin to each of my girls in the fruit container, but when I peeled them I found out they were bad :(. Next time then!

Contents of the shallow boxes: rice, furikake, edamame skewers, tamagoyaki (egg omelet ) and tonkatsu strips. Panda made of rice and nori, eye detail with cheese. Tall boxes have cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot sticks, edamame, apple slices and red grapes.

The apple was given us by my mother-in-law. They came from her neighbor´s garden and were exceptionally sweet. Luonnonvoima ate the most of them and this was the last one…

Panda tonkatsu bento

Pikkusiili didn’t manage to eat the whole meal but Luonnonvoima ate it all and helped her little sister to finnish hers :D.


16 Responses to “Panda tonkatsu bento”

  1. Lia Chen Says:

    Perfect panda and panda eyes too! Everything about panda in this bento … Look at those cute panda picks :D Why P didn’t finish it? Too much foods for her?

  2. yenny Says:

    Sweet panda…very cute and adorable. They are fit perfectly with the food pick and other contents of the box…hm…should make panda too someday..:-)

  3. karaimame Says:

    eh.. we have this thing about pandas… ^_^. Ah.. you were right, PS couldn’t eat it all because the meal was too big .. small belly ;). I try to put less food to her ( and big sis usually gets one more carrot stick or egg slice, etc.. ).
    Thank you Lia for your sweet comment!

  4. karaimame Says:

    Thank you Yenny! Please make panda and share with us!! We are panda freaks ^_^.

  5. ChantaleP Says:

    That is so awesomely cute!! I love pandas and these are so adorable! Just made my morning.. : )

  6. kelly Says:

    for someone who is lacking inspiration, you did a great job! the pandas are so cute!

  7. karaimame Says:

    Thanks Chantale!! So you belong to the group of panda lovers too ^_^!

  8. karaimame Says:

    Thanks Kelly for your sweet comment! ^_^

  9. Akemi Says:

    Faço as minhas as palavras da Kelly, imagine se estivesse inspirada! Os bentôs ficaram lindos e cheios de coisas saudáveis e gostosas!
    Imagino que não deva ser nada fácil preparar todos os dias bentôs diferentes e atraentes para suas filhotas! Se quiser posso procurar alguns blogs ou sites japoneses sobre bentô!
    Bjsss e adorei sua versão de omenapiiraka! Muita gentileza e carinho de sua parte com seus sogros preparando versões diferentes! :)

  10. karaimame Says:

    Akemi chan, arigatou!! Ah, mas eu tô mesmo numa fase horrível.. um mau humor daqueles, desde o domingo passado! :D ehheeheh, tomara que passe logo!
    Eu acompanho alguns blogs em japonês de obento, apesar de nao entender tao bem , tem tanta coisa bonita que pelo menos inspiraçao é que nao falta!
    Obrigada pela gentileza ;)
    e por sempre deixar uma palavra de carinho aqui!!
    Beijo grande!!

  11. sheri Says:

    Ah, girls are getting big enough for 2 tiers now… Growing every day. Love the panda with tiny ball ears!! So sweet! Very talented with checkered apples too. Love to look at this pretty double double bento :)

  12. karaimame Says:

    double double trouble :P ehehhe. Thanks Sheri for always being so kind in your comments! They wanted to use the new bento-boxes so much I had to make them 2-tier, even if it was somehow too big portions for my little one ^_^.

  13. Laura Says:

    Oi Li!

    A Ayu estava sentindo falta dos seus obentos!
    Adoramos esse de panda!

    E ela já decidiu qual ela quer, do Baikinman!



    PS. Aquele desenho do menino que joga o guetá é GE GE GE NO KITARO. Descobri porque o autor dele foi o tema da última novelinha da NHK!

  14. karaimame Says:

    Oie! Baikinman entao?? ahahaha, gostei!
    Ah, eu também tinha lembrado do nome do desenho.. é aquele menino que nao tem um olho né!! =) eehheheh, bem estilo dia das bruxas :P

  15. Susan Says:

    The pandas are so adorable!!! My daughter would love to have this in her bento! :)

  16. karaimame Says:

    Thank you Susan ^_^ ! Send a “panda” hug to little Paige ;).

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