Felt food: Carrot

September 22, 2010

Felt food: Carrot

Luonnonvoima ( my oldest daughter ) has been complaining that the old toy carrots I crafted many years ago had gone bad. One was thrown away, the other, pieces went missing. The fact I used a thin type of felt might have aggravated the deterioration from use.

I remember I sewed them to my first daughter when she was still very small and when I got my second daughter, one of those carrots was her favorite teething toy. You can imagine now how bad looking they were. ^_^

This week their favorite play has been “let’s pretend to have a restaurant”. They wrote menus in papers and ask all the time what we would like to have. And of course, I was sent to make a new toy carrot XD.

I had few problems sewing the velcro circles, even if they had a sticky self-adhesive side I reinforced the bond by sewing with thread. The worse was still to come… When I showed the carrot to Luonnonvoima, she simply smiled and said that it wasn’t complete since it didn’t have the leaf stalk part to be cut away too.. O_o

Eh, kids are really into details aren’t they?

Felt food toy: Carrot

Fish stew anyone? :)


10 Responses to “Felt food: Carrot”

  1. sheri Says:

    Excellent! Just what the stew needed! We have the same cutaways but all in plastic; not nearly so sweet..

  2. Lia Chen Says:

    Love your amazing felt work! So cute … My sister likes to do this craft too before she got twins :)

  3. Akemi Says:

    Deu vontade de ser criança só para poder brincar de casinha! Tottemo kawaiii!!!! \(ˆoˆ)/

  4. karaimame Says:

    Sometimes I find myself wondering if it is worth the trouble to handmade those as I could buy them ready (and cheaper)… Of course I enjoy making the toys, maybe that’s all what matters! ^_^
    Thank you for your kind comment Sheri!

  5. karaimame Says:

    Thank you Lia! I believe your sister used to make amazing things too :).. children really take our time.. now the girls are getting bigger, they accept giving me “time” as long as I craft toys for them! ^_^

  6. karaimame Says:

    Akemi-chan! Arigatou! ahaha, sabe, nao precisa ser criança nao ;).

  7. Laura Says:

    Oi Li! A Ayumi quer visitar o seu blog todos os dias para ver “o que a tia Lilian fez para mim hoje?”
    Ela disse que vai pensar em um tema para pedir um obento especial para vc fazer para ela!

  8. karaimame Says:

    A tia Lilian fez sopa dessa vez :D ahhahahah !
    Pode falar entao o que ela quer de obento, faço para ela e dedico o post também!!

  9. Notabrownbag Says:

    You know…I would love you to be my mom!! I adore play carrots…and that smiley fish head is just toooooooo cute!!

  10. karaimame Says:

    :). That fish head is almost disturbing.. smiling in the pot ^_^.
    Thanks Mils for your adorable comment!

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