Polar bear teriyaki chicken bento

September 18, 2010

Polar bear teriyaki chicken bento

Making my girls eat spicy food is a bit tricky. I am trying to introduce stronger tastes to them, experimenting little by little to see how it goes.

I made this teriyaki chicken for hubs ( Mr mies ) and I thought it was a good idea to offer the same for the girls.  I was tempted to omit the grated ginger from the marinade but I bravely carried on with the normal recipe :).

Surprise, surprise! They ate everything ( mostly because they liked the bamboo skewer ) ^_^.

Contents of the boxes: Zakkokumai (rice with mixed grains), furikake, chicken teriyaki skewer,  mini corns, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and fruit salad.  Polar bear made with rice, nori and steamed cauliflower “ears”.

Polar bear teriyaki chicken bento

Showing the bento for hubz too ( in an ugly food container!  ;):

Bento for hubz: Teriyaki chicken

Slightly different content: zakkokumai, toasted black sesame seeds, chicken teriyaki skewers, cherry tomato, mini corns, cucumber, beni shōga, homemade chinese cabbage pickles ( hakusai tsukemono) and steamed cauliflower with miso dressing ( my summer favorite! )


2 Responses to “Polar bear teriyaki chicken bento”

  1. Debra Says:

    Umm…your bears are winking at me! LOL

    I love how you arranged them like mirror images. Very cool and looks tasty as well.

  2. karaimame Says:

    Ehehe, so one bear is winking the wrong eye ;).
    Thank you Debra for your kind comment!!

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