Felt Food: Hot Dog bun

September 8, 2010

Felt food Hot Dog

It has been a while since I crafted the biggest amount of felt food toys for my girls. If I remember well , I made them for Christmas, about two years ago.

My daughters really enjoy playing with them and the toys lasted unbelievably long enough to still “exist” :D.

Anyways, they asked me if I could craft a hot-dog bun, so they could play making “hodari” (the Finnish word for hot-dog) with the sausage I made previously for a breakfast toy set.

Felt food breakfast

I had a few problems developing the bun.. I mean, it is much easier to make a bread first and then sew a sausage that would “fit” in the bread, not the other way round..  and I was trying to make something that reminds them the hot-dog we make here. After some trials, I ended up with this result.

Felt Food Hot Dog deconstructed

Not completely happy about getting the bun, my oldest daughter added “how about the ketchup? And the cucumber relish?”. O_O  I couldn´t think about any other way to craft a relish , so I crocheted it adding beads to depict the mustard seeds and little pieces of cucumber. And you might be asking.. what is that brownish thing together with the ketchup..  it is Finnish mustard. It is brown .. not yellow.

Well.. I think it came out quite acceptable .. what do you think? ^_^

Felt food Hot Dog


12 Responses to “Felt Food: Hot Dog bun”

  1. Sonoma Bento Says:

    I think that perhaps you are the coolest person I know! I LOVE THIS! You make my little felt projects want to hide their head in shame. This is so great, I am not surprised that your girls love these.

  2. Debra Says:

    Such whimsy! I love this hotdog lunch, including that very cool polkadot plate!

  3. sheri Says:

    Well, I think it looks good enough to eat! Is that hot dog 2 years old? So amazed they play gently enough to keep their toys in such good condition! Lovely ladylike girls! ☺

  4. Lael Says:

    Oh, so cute!!

  5. karaimame Says:

    Oh Michelle, thank you so much for your lovely words! I really like to make those toys , it is really fun to craft for my daughters ^_^.

  6. karaimame Says:

    ^_^ so you liked the polkadot plate! I like polkadots too =).
    Thanks Debra for the comment!

  7. karaimame Says:

    :D “ladylike girls” made me grin ^_^. Most of the time it goes that I am yelling behind them to collect the toys “to their respective places” . They tend to think it is funnier to leave them everywhere on the floor “because they are still playing” XD.
    But , yes.. that hot-dog sausage is 2 years old. You can see it is a bit “furry” from use..
    Thanks Sheri for your kind comment!

  8. karaimame Says:

    Thanks Lael! ^_^

  9. ChantaleP Says:

    This is beyond INCREDIBLE! Wow. Really. I need to look closely and study this so I could make some for my girl too. What kid wouldn’t want to play with these?! Wow. You are so talented! I want you for my mommy too. : )

  10. karaimame Says:

    Thank you Chantale! Please try to make to lil´K! It is so much fun =)

  11. You make such beautiful things with felt! If we lived nearby I would “hire” you to make pretty things so I could use them in my photos. :D

  12. karaimame Says:

    Oh Patricia, how flattering! It gratifies me to read such lovely comments like yours ^_^
    meh.. I live so far isn’t it? I would be more than glad to make something for you (even if I myself don’t think I am that good :P)
    Thank you !

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