Cold soba bento. Duck pond

August 30, 2010

Cold soba bento . Duck pond

Since Summer I´ve been craving for cold soba.  I didn´t have soba noodles at home when it was very hot here and the main japanese grocery in Helsinki was closed for vacations.

I could have tried to get it from some other asian shops downtown, but I didn´t bother to go to search for it ( call me lazy, yep).

Now that I finally bought the noodles  the weather got cold!  Oh well, anyways.. ;)

The contents of the boxes: soba noodles, thinly sliced carrots , turkey ham, cucumber, omelette strips, cherry tomato, green grapes, peach slices and a bottle of tsuyu sauce. The ducks are made from gouda cheese. Before eating I sprinkled nori strips on top.

Cold soba bento . Duck pond

They look much more a salad than the proper “Zarusoba” (the japanese dish of cold soba with dipping sauce). For the “adults” version I added toasted sesame seeds and grated ginger just before serving.

Cold soba bento



12 Responses to “Cold soba bento. Duck pond”

  1. Sonoma Bento Says:

    aaaaa! So adorable! And it sounds really tasty, too. Cold noodle dishes are so good. :)

  2. sheri Says:

    Soba duck nest so cute! Love it!

  3. Debra Says:

    What a clever idea! The ducks actually appear to be bobbing up and down on the water!

    Soba is always yummy too. *slurp*

  4. karaimame Says:

    Thanks Michelle ( right? )! It was really good.. sadly our version didn´t have any cute details XD.

  5. karaimame Says:

    =) Thank you Sheri! Seeing your chasoba bento was the last call for some cold noodles! ;)

  6. karaimame Says:

    Oh Debra, thanks a lot for your sweet comment! I feel so flattered having the visit of all my “bentoist idols” ^_^
    and yes! Soba is good in any version, I agree!

  7. Lia Chen Says:

    What a cute and pretty bento design! Love how you put every food elements perfectly in the box :)

  8. Laura Says:

    Yay! Tem até um kappa ali! Heheheee

  9. ChantaleP Says:

    This is so cute! How’d you do the duck eyes so round? A punch hole? Yummy yummy, I miss my mom’s cold noodle dishes like these.. Especially during summer months. This takes me back to my youth, minus the cute duckies! lol.

  10. karaimame Says:

    Thank you Lia! You always so adorable ^_^

  11. karaimame Says:

    Aahahah, é mesmo! Nem me liguei que deu certo a coincidência! Cuidado com o Kappa!! ahahahah :D

  12. karaimame Says:

    Hey Chantale, thanks for your comment! The eyes are indeed made with a punch hole ;). And yes… cold noodle dishes also reminds me my childhood, hot summers in Brazil =)

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