Cold soba bento. Duck pond

August 30, 2010

Cold soba bento . Duck pond

Since Summer I´ve been craving for cold soba.  I didn´t have soba noodles at home when it was very hot here and the main japanese grocery in Helsinki was closed for vacations.

I could have tried to get it from some other asian shops downtown, but I didn´t bother to go to search for it ( call me lazy, yep).

Now that I finally bought the noodles  the weather got cold!  Oh well, anyways.. ;)

The contents of the boxes: soba noodles, thinly sliced carrots , turkey ham, cucumber, omelette strips, cherry tomato, green grapes, peach slices and a bottle of tsuyu sauce. The ducks are made from gouda cheese. Before eating I sprinkled nori strips on top.

Cold soba bento . Duck pond

They look much more a salad than the proper “Zarusoba” (the japanese dish of cold soba with dipping sauce). For the “adults” version I added toasted sesame seeds and grated ginger just before serving.

Cold soba bento



Yellow Submarine bento

August 26, 2010

Yellow Submarine bento

Today hubz and I had rice and japanese curry for dinner. It is one of my favorite foods and it always brings me very good memories from my childhood and my mother.

Anyways, my girls don´t like it :/.   I hope someday they will learn to like it as much as I did when I was small.

So I made them bento. It was (almost) a mistake.. I mean, I didn´t have much in the fridge and quite nothing of vegetables. I´ll try to be better (promise)  next time :D.

And  let me explain the theme. Lacking inspiration, suddenly I remembered my girls singing The Beatles´ Yellow Submarine the other day. It is so funny when they sing! It goes like ♩ “wee aw liv ni na yelow Sammarin, welow sammarin, yelow sammarin”♫♪

It made a very good theme, I admit!

The contents of the box: Mixed grains rice (zakkokumai), furikake, edamame, carrots,  green and red grapes, cucumber and chicken frankfurter-sausages “octopuses”. The submarine was made with nori and two types of cheese.

And do you see the gorgeous star picks and the forks (matching with this ocean theme)? I got them as a gift from a very kind and special bento friend. (Thank you!! ♥)

oh.. and don´t ask me about the bunny, I really don´t know how did it end up there ;).

Yellow Submarine bento

Felt toy pancakes

August 25, 2010

Felt toy pancakes

Yesterday my girls came to me and asked Sinun pitää tehdä pannukakkuja! (you should make pancakes!).. I thought they wanted to eat them, so I walked to the kitchen.

They stopped me yelling “no, no! pancakes to play! You promised us”.

Did I?

:) I decided to craft them little felt pancakes that would suit to their little frying pans.

frying the pancakes ^_^


Together with the pancakes I sewed couple of bilberries (well, at least my daugthers recognized them as so.. score!), a generous drop of syrup and a butter cube.

The rest of the play they created by themselves, using older felt toys that I previously crafted for them.

Felt toy pancakes

Now they have their pancakes and they don´t bother me anymore :)

The perfect size isn´t it?

the perfect size!

First post..

August 25, 2010

Hello there! This is my first post ever in my very first blog!  After many days  (months.. years.. maybe?) thinking about creating one, I finally decided to have a try.

Let´s see how this goes !

Please be patient if everything still feels clumsy, I am still learning.

Thank for passing by and be very welcome to visit again :)