Panda butter cookies

February 27, 2011

Panda butter cookies

Every last Monday of the month, a group of friends in twitter join a “virtual” party where photos of an agreed dish/ingredient/theme are shared.  It is the #twitterfoodparty ^__^.

I had plans for this month´s theme (cookies!) but with all the mess in my kitchen lately + trying to rest as much as possible in the weekend (to recover from flu) made me postpone the baking until better times.

Anyways! Hmm.. digging from my photo archives I present my contribution : Panda butter cookies!

I baked the cookies for my daughter´s 3 yo birthday party. In the same theme, I frosted a cake with a panda face. She ♥ pandas. And I… well, I do too >__<!

The cookies are simple butter cookies, vanilla and dark chocolate flavored. Don’t you think they are cute?

Join the fun on twitter (look for hashtags #twitterfoodparty #twittercookieparty) and check the flickr group to see the previous party dishes :).


Panda cookie


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19 Responses to “Panda butter cookies”

  1. sheri Says:

    Yes! You are the panda cookie expert! And er, I love pandas too… Ahem… Love love love ‘em!!

  2. kelly Says:

    these are absolutely awesome! I am a novice baker however, how did you manage to do these? did you just stick a chocolate flavored cookie dough ontop for the features?

    • karaimame Says:

      Yea, pretty much ^_^. The cookies were two logs of dough (one big and a small brown one). I just cut into slices and assembled the pieces. The little nose was molded with a tiny little ball of choc dough.
      Thanks for the comment!

  3. ChantaleP Says:

    Oh you are too cool for me. So adorable!!

  4. Lia Chen Says:

    They are super cute! You are awesome my friend, very skillful! If I am in the same kitchen with you, then the cookies will be gone in half when they still on cooling rack LOL :D

    • karaimame Says:

      ehehe, it is really a problem when I need to “check” if they taste good… I should always make double batches :P.
      Thanks Lia, your comment was so adorable!

  5. The panda cookies are so cute…!! Bookmarked ;D)!

  6. Delightful…too cute to eat, but at the same time, I would want to gooble them all. YUM!

    • karaimame Says:

      The guests didn’t have any problem when eating them ^_^ = Panda cookie killers :P
      Thanks Jenn!

  7. Susan Yuen Says:

    Oh my gosh those are amazing!!! You are so creative! :)

  8. The pandas are so cute! So creative of you! Love them!

  9. niinni Says:

    Pandaa ♥ n__n Miten olet tehnyt nuo?? ^^

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