Pink October bento

October 12, 2010

Pink October bento

October is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness. The international health campaign aims to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research.

Bentoblog invited me to join the pink bento theme event she is hosting (please visit there and check the other wonderful supporters´ work!). Making a bento in the pink theme or using the pink ribbon is our way to participate and show our awareness too.

Other dear bento-friends are also giving their contribution! If you’re in twitter,  look for hashtags #projectpink and #thinkpink.

You can also participate, donating, joining the different events taking place this month and spreading the word about them. Let´s hope this shout out is effective, not only in October but also for the whole years to come.

In Finland, please visit Rintasyöpäyhdistys ry and the Roosa Nauha campaign page.


Pink October bento


This bento is dedicated to everyone who has been affected by breast cancer or knows of someone who has been.

(contents of the box: “deconstructed sandwich” with a whole grain loaf, turkey ham, turkey meetvursti – mettwurst, cheese slices, mini plum tomatoes, carrot slices, steamed broccoli, red grapes, salad and basil  )


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12 Responses to “Pink October bento”

  1. mils Says:

    I love this – what a pretty tribute :)

  2. Lia Chen Says:

    I’m in big WOW to see this bento. So pretty and precious for October Pink event! Love the ribbon and all the edible flowers :)

  3. sheri Says:

    Beautiful! A loving and sweet pink ribbon tribute. Love the flowers too! Have to try!

  4. ChantaleP Says:

    Wow, I love that big ribbon bow. So sweet. I also love your theme of having to ‘put together’ your bento sandwich. This is such a great way to show that there is a ‘coming together’ of people: friends, family when illness hits. The cheese and cold cuts flowers are fab!

    • karaimame Says:

      Thank you Chantale! Your comment was so touching.. you are really a very sensitive person and I enjoy that lot about you.

  5. Susan Yuen Says:

    Gorgeous pink bento! The flowers are so lovely! :)

  6. maiju Says:

    WOW!!!!! SOOOO beautiful!!!
    Kuinka osaat tehdä niin kauista bentoa???

    • karaimame Says:

      Voi Maiju, kiitos.. ^_^ Ihana kuulla että tykkäät minun bentosta!
      Thanks for your sweet comment! :)

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